Intercom services

Let the professionals at design the right Monitoring solution for you with the right products from leading industry manufacturers.

Access Control Systems

Access control determines who can use resources in a physical or computing environment.

Intercom repair

We offer Intercom repair of sound and video system, Intercom fix or support benefits in all of New York and its surrounding areas.

Intercom installation services

We provide a series of intercom systems both in the wired and wireless form in the Chicago and surrounding areas.

Locksmith Services

We provide all locksmith services, starting from generating a single key that will open all your doors up to fancy and high security lock installations. So call us whether you're just locked out or want to replace your locks

Video Survillance

If you live or manage property in high crime rate areas, our video surveillance systems serve as a deterrent, reducing the threat of burglary and vandalism. If your property is targeted, video surveillance footage can be used by police to catch perpetrators. Building managers can benefit from having video evidence in any false liability claims

Structured Cabling

All security systems in New York installed by us are customized to suit the needs of our customers. Every property has different security requirements, which is why we work with you to plan, design, install and maintain the right security solution for you to give you the best possible protection for your property.